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…and it’s not your fault that you are the way you are.  I have heard that over time married people grow apart. Outlooks change, perspectives differ and common ground is lost.  But with all the love in the world inside of me, how do we go on if my “liking” is in arrears.

You are who you are and I am who I am… but we both must be pleasing to one another.  I don’t want to feel this way, but in my mind I am seeking escape.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad… if you smiled at me more. If we shared a few laughs.  I remember when you were the sun in my day and the moon for me at night… now there is just rain.

And even rain is nice… when it’s soft and light. How soothing the sound as it falls upon the earth, feeding the flowers and the seeds. Lulling the sleeper’s to sleep. Everything is good and beneficial in moderation. To the extreme soft rain is called a hurricane, wet, windy and destroying everything in it’s path.

I love the rain…. it’s the hurricanes I can do without.


Khayr Insha’allah



Wow, has it really been that long? So many things have been happening in my life I haven’t had the time (or the heart) to post.  Hopefully the previous posts that were here were of benefit to someone who needed a different perspective on the whole polygyny thing and gained some strength to continue moving forward…..

Speaking of moving forward….

So many families have been suffering with the trials of divorce lately that it boggles the mind.  Close friends of mine, families who appeared to be some of the more stable units in the community have dissolved and are facing many new challenges.  These are definitely trying times. 

But so far so good on my front. The kids are growing up so fast.  Just started a new year of homeschooling that I am tempted to retire from and I am preparing to reenter the wonderful world of university life to fulfill a life long dream.  Pray for me and I will pray for you.  

Khayr Insha’allah


What the hezzy and fa-sheezy!!! This government intervention crap has to stop. They are so all up in the family business that pretty soon children will be hiring lawyers to take their parents to court to litigate time outs and groundings.

“Your honor, the plaintiff, 9-year old Bobby contends that his mother, a frustrated and overly concerned derelict is unduly stalking and harrassing him causing serious mental distress by constantly inquiring about the status of his homework and chores. She is also being charged of unlawful search and seizure of his property, which is listed as exhibit 1 (a nintendo gameboy) and exhibit 2 (a nintendo x-box 360).  The charges of wiretapping (interrupting his phone calls to call him to dinner) and slander (telling his father about his so-called bad behaviour) are being contested by the defendant.  We call our first witness, Bobby 6 year old sister Janey to the stand.”

The source of this particular rant comes from a news article that you can read below:

These kids were 10 and 12, which means they can walk to school by themselves, walk to the store by themselves, even to Timmy’s house but they can’t be left in a populated downtown area to drive around the corner to teach them a lesson? This is just another incident to destroy the influence parents have over their children. To undermine the authority of the parent in the life of the child.  This kind of thing drives me crazy.

…and Allah’s help we seek.

Just a quick note, I love you guys, for taking the time to read my blog and leave such beautiful, supportive comments. The du’as uplift me when I feel a bit despondent and knowing that someone out there cares and may be even benefiting from what little I have to say keeps me writing. Barakallahu feekum (blessings to you all) and don’t feel bad if I don’t answer each comment, I do read and enjoy them, but sometimes all i can write is what I post, which can be a bit draining with all I have going on around here. Stay tuned….

 (you will have to use your imagination to visualize a big cake with 1000 candles, couldn’t upload the pic for some reason)


Wow, when I started this blog, I promised myself that i would celebrate when I hit 1000 blog views. I never thought anyone would really be interested in what I thought or what went on in my mundane life. Well, here we are 1000 hits and counting. Not sure what that means, if anything. If nothing else, I can say that I have learned alot since I started..

1.) Blog world can be an ugly place to hang out.  I never knew there were so many irrate, discontented with Islam muslims out there. I thought the hatred and angst for Islam would come from the kufar.

2.) I Really Enjoy It.  I didn’t know I would, but I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions and recieving comments (most of them) from the readers. Thanks to all of you for the support and (to fellow bloggers) example. It was through reading some of your blogs that I got the courage to do my own.

3.) Blogging is Power.  I have come to realise that blogging can be a powerful tool to share opinions and have those opinions viewed as truth. Don’t abuse this people. We have a duty to present Islam in the best light. This doesn’t mean you have to sugar coat reality, but it does mean you will be held accountable for watch you say and the opinions you create from your blogging experience. Thanks Safiyyah for your correction and naseehah.

Oh, yeah and a special “Holla!” at PM who gave me my very own, dedicated post for this special occasion. As I read her diatribe, it brings to mind the immortal words of ….. well, somebody who said so eloquently… “Don’t Hate…. Appreciate!” The truth can be a painful thing, to be sure. But knowledge is power and acceptance of who and what we are is half the battle to recovery. I feel so special.

thanks for listening…

This is My World…

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This blog is my own corner of cyberspace where I express my opinion, defend my religion if need be and whatever else I decide to say is shared.

This is not a platform for others. It’s my world.

In saying that, please enter with caution. Be respectful (I may not be if annoyed). And understand that your comments can and will be deleted if I don’t like them.



Friendships are fragile. Although you would like them to last forever, sometimes they just don’t. My mother used to say “You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.” Well I understand that even more today.

  1. Friendship has to be mutual or it’s just not true.
  2. If two people are friends they should mutually enjoy each others company, it shouldn’t be that one wants to spend time while the other pushes away.
  3. Friends should support one another in times of need, even if it’s just with a kind word and good, heartfelt advice.
  4. Can Muslims really be friends… I mean aren’t we Sisters it’s supposed to mean much more than friendship.
  5. Screening calls, casting ugly looks and rolling eyes is not a display of true friendship, no matter how many years the torture friendship has lasted. It just means that it took one victim friend longer to wake up to the reality than the other.

Excuse me if I choose better treatment for myself.

And just because I now screen out your calls or subconsciously roll my eyes from time to time, it doesn’t mean that I am being just as bad as you, it just signifies that the charade friendship is finally over.