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Come Together…

Posted: December 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Last night I was struck by a heavy and disheartening thought. The Muslims have no UNITY… Think about it this for a second because you may be part of the problem. If you feel anyone of the ways listed below, you are harming the UNITY of the Ummah of Muhammad…

1.  People be fakin’. I don’t have time to deal with people thinking they’re somone they are not, wannabe da’ees and Sheikhahs.

2.  I just do me. I keep to myself and stay away from the fitnah and backbiting.

3.  I just don’t have time. Between work, kids, homeschooling and whatever else, I don’t have time.

4. I’m not comfortable around a lot of people.

5.  I have my few friends and that’s it.

The list could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. These types of attitudes keep the muslims divided, the masajid and islamic centers in jeopardy and our own eman and good deeds at a minimum. 

Allah commands us to “hold fast to the rope of Allah, all of you together and do not be divided amonst yourselves.” And we also see in the example of Prophet Muhammad that he extended himself to people and he endured the harm of the ignorant. We all must sacrifice ourselves in service to one another in order that we may collectively be successful. We have to think well of one another (husnul dhunn) and not only want good for each other but want to provide that goodness to our brothers and sisters from our own efforts, be that by giving a class at the masjid or at your home, or participating in that class so that the numbers are good, having a pleasant attitude so that the class is well received. Or volunteering to sponsor programs for the youth, or cleaning the masjid or painting and doing small repairs or just taking 10 minutes to give ear to another muslim or offering a smile or whatever our Ummah needs to help it heal and grow.

Too much distrust exists between our people. And there is too much uncertainty about who we are within our ownselves. We have a duty to learn or religion through studying the qu’ran and the sunnah and knowing what Allah expects from us and remaining firm upon that. Then we must share that knowledge and that understanding with others.

Let’s come together upon good and unify our hearts upon La illaha il’allah.

Wa Billah Tawfeeq