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What the hezzy and fa-sheezy!!! This government intervention crap has to stop. They are so all up in the family business that pretty soon children will be hiring lawyers to take their parents to court to litigate time outs and groundings.

“Your honor, the plaintiff, 9-year old Bobby contends that his mother, a frustrated and overly concerned derelict is unduly stalking and harrassing him causing serious mental distress by constantly inquiring about the status of his homework and chores. She is also being charged of unlawful search and seizure of his property, which is listed as exhibit 1 (a nintendo gameboy) and exhibit 2 (a nintendo x-box 360).  The charges of wiretapping (interrupting his phone calls to call him to dinner) and slander (telling his father about his so-called bad behaviour) are being contested by the defendant.  We call our first witness, Bobby 6 year old sister Janey to the stand.”

The source of this particular rant comes from a news article that you can read below:

These kids were 10 and 12, which means they can walk to school by themselves, walk to the store by themselves, even to Timmy’s house but they can’t be left in a populated downtown area to drive around the corner to teach them a lesson? This is just another incident to destroy the influence parents have over their children. To undermine the authority of the parent in the life of the child.  This kind of thing drives me crazy.

…and Allah’s help we seek.


Say My Name…

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Notice to inlaws, school officials, doctors, nurses and every person that was not previously mentioned but falls under this particular category. If you can successfully pronounce:
  • Jagermiester
  • Schlitz
  • Courvoisier
  • Alize

Or words like…

  • acute peritonsillar abruptio placentae
  • phyenylketonuria
  • Schizophreniform Histrionic Cyclothemic Disorder


  • Lamborghini Marcielago
  • Peugeot Coupe Cabriolet

Then you CAN pronounce my children’s names…. you know you can!!!

I Could Have Told You That….

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No wonder we are in the state we are in today…

A New Attitude..

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After spending countless hours reading the blogs of others (we’ll post something on the symptoms and treatments for Internet Addiction later) I discovered that 15 million bloggers had MY template….. (how dare they!?!) So I packed my stuff and moved out! (sort of) Well, really I just picked a different template, a new, BOLDER, Beautiful-er, Better-er template…… as you can obviously see. (blink, blink) How ya likes me now?

Off to The Races!!!

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Well, I tried not to do it. I said I wouldn’t. I was content with just being a vouyuer if you will (is that how you spell it?). But the idea pulled and tugged at me until I gave in. Here I am. Standing at the gates (wondering how and why I am here). I am officially BLOGGING!!! Woo Hoo…. So now what?
A little about me I guess. I am a mother of 6, married (been meaning to get that “I married a lug nut” t-shirt made) and muslim, not in that order. My life is really not that interesting (which is probably why I’m blogging). But we have our moments.
I am (excuse me while I puke) american. I converted to islam when I was 21. Definetely the best choice I ever made. I have traveled to many different places and still not reached the place I’d like to be. I have a teenaged daughter, 4 sons and a little princess who thinks she’s 35. All names will be changed in this blog to protect the innocent, prevent lawsuits and basically not embarrass my husband who would probably kill me if anyone knew who we really are.
Stay tuned, maybe someone out there will benefit from my meager efforts…