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Hope and desire are amazing things. A persons hope can be so strong in a thing or in a person that the heart feels that it may burst apart with the zeal and anticipation of what hope can bring. And the same thing can be said for desire. When you want something so badly until you can already taste your own success, the battle has not yet begun to win your prize, but you are dancing the victory dance all the same. Hope and desire can be dangerous. They can be the light that gets you through the day or they can be the black pit that swallows you whole, never to return to light. If you feed your hopes and desires, how do you tame the beast that you have nurtured and caused to grow? How, when that thing that you have so much hope and desire in, appears to be a mountain, towering above you, how do you scale it’s lofty heights, or send it tumbling down to the level foundation from which it sprung?

Does it matter whether your aim is noble or base? Does it matter that the essence is pure or eternally corrupt? I don’t think so.

To what lengths will you go to achieve your desire. What boundaries will you cross to see your hope realised? The noblest of aims can lead to the most sinister of actions. Keep hope alive? Or kill the inner cravings that drive some over the edge?

How do you maintain? How do you cope?

I used to only crave Allah’s pleasure and his forever home for the righteous…Jannatu Firdous.

Now I can not tell the difference between the lofty goal and the base act that one may commit to achieve it.

Allah guide us all to what is pleasing to you. And save us from the fire.