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…and it’s not your fault that you are the way you are.  I have heard that over time married people grow apart. Outlooks change, perspectives differ and common ground is lost.  But with all the love in the world inside of me, how do we go on if my “liking” is in arrears.

You are who you are and I am who I am… but we both must be pleasing to one another.  I don’t want to feel this way, but in my mind I am seeking escape.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad… if you smiled at me more. If we shared a few laughs.  I remember when you were the sun in my day and the moon for me at night… now there is just rain.

And even rain is nice… when it’s soft and light. How soothing the sound as it falls upon the earth, feeding the flowers and the seeds. Lulling the sleeper’s to sleep. Everything is good and beneficial in moderation. To the extreme soft rain is called a hurricane, wet, windy and destroying everything in it’s path.

I love the rain…. it’s the hurricanes I can do without.


Khayr Insha’allah



What the hezzy and fa-sheezy!!! This government intervention crap has to stop. They are so all up in the family business that pretty soon children will be hiring lawyers to take their parents to court to litigate time outs and groundings.

“Your honor, the plaintiff, 9-year old Bobby contends that his mother, a frustrated and overly concerned derelict is unduly stalking and harrassing him causing serious mental distress by constantly inquiring about the status of his homework and chores. She is also being charged of unlawful search and seizure of his property, which is listed as exhibit 1 (a nintendo gameboy) and exhibit 2 (a nintendo x-box 360).  The charges of wiretapping (interrupting his phone calls to call him to dinner) and slander (telling his father about his so-called bad behaviour) are being contested by the defendant.  We call our first witness, Bobby 6 year old sister Janey to the stand.”

The source of this particular rant comes from a news article that you can read below:

These kids were 10 and 12, which means they can walk to school by themselves, walk to the store by themselves, even to Timmy’s house but they can’t be left in a populated downtown area to drive around the corner to teach them a lesson? This is just another incident to destroy the influence parents have over their children. To undermine the authority of the parent in the life of the child.  This kind of thing drives me crazy.

…and Allah’s help we seek.

Ques 1. Why is there no Khalifah after all these years and why are no steps being taken to get one?

Ques 2. How can the largest, richest reiligion (beside the vatican people) not have an army or any means to help the nation of muslims out of the many global crisises it has been afflicted with.

Ques 3. Why were foriegn powers allowed to build a military presence in all the key areas of the islamic world like a game of chess gone terribly wrong?

Ques 4. How many muslims have to die before something is done?

Ques 5. When the meccans gathered to massacre the Prophet and his companions, did Allah command him to sit quietly and make du’a?

Ques 6. How can they sit in their palaces and on their yachts and watch the carnage, without witholding ONE barrel of oil or expelling ONE diplomatic presence of those at fault from their countries or closing down one military supply route that they gave permission to come through Muslim land to feed foreign soldiers and make sure they have enough fire-power to kill us all?

Ques 7. When will the sleeping giant awake?

MEME Gank…part 1!!!

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Thanx to Miss Mississippi over at Dictator Princess for giving me the idea to “gank” her meme that she happened to “gank” from someone else’s meme. I should also mention that I am a newbie “ganker” so, to gank one of her favorite phrases as well “whatevs”…



1.  Made my first attempt at hijrah to a muslim country. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to go back (permenantly this time).

2.  Preggos with baby number 6. I was supposed to be trying not to conceive but I just had to have another baby. I literally BEGGED dh to knock me up. I desperately wanted another (my sixth and last). I think I was suffering from some type of post traumatic stress or something it was kinda of weird.

3.  I was also in college, trying to figure out how to avoid taking an algebra class cuz I’m highly allergic to math. I wish I had just got it out of the way back then but, again whatevs.

4.  I had been muslim for 10 years by then so no problems in that area alhamdulillah. I was working on Juz Amma and about to begin my love affair with the arabic language.

5.  Most of 2004 was marked by my struggle to secure reliable transportation. I had a van that would not work no matter what I did to it. I changed out everything but the door handles and it still wouldn’t work. I spent about six months of that year walking every where.


1.  Ice Cream

2.  Freezer Ice (you know the stuff that collects on the shelves of the freezer that looks like snow…. I know don’t ask).

3.  Celery with peanut butter spread down the middle of it.

4.  Ice Cream

5.  Pepsi


1.  Build me a house in a Muslim Country and pay for my children’s higher education.

2.  Get a (ahem) breast reduction. Not meaning to get personal but being top heavy is a strain on the back muscles and it can be a real problem for people. I have wanted one since I was 14. I know TMI.

3.  Make Hajj about three times. The first time I think I would be too in awe to appreciate the whole experience. My thought is I would walk in to the haram and fall into prostration and never get up, which would be the reason for #4 in this list. The second time I would probably be more objective and the third time would be just to solidify in my mind that I could actually make Hajj three times.

4.  Pay the overstay fees on my Hajj visa and other possible legal fees incurred once it is discovered that I have lived at the kaabah well past my initial visa limit.

5.  Try to pay my mother back for all her years of support and love which of course is priceless but I am sure she would appreciate a cool mil, too. Also, which should actually be a #6, help my husband open his own business which has been his dream, I think since he was born.


1.  Illinois

2.  Germany

3.  Alaska

4.  Louisiana

5.  Yemen


1.  Secretary at a Muslim School.

2.  File Clerk for a Major car dealership. I was literally up to my neck in files.

3.  Military Personnel- HATED IT!

4.  Wife

5. Mom

Alright peeps, “gank” this if you can…

Come Together…

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Last night I was struck by a heavy and disheartening thought. The Muslims have no UNITY… Think about it this for a second because you may be part of the problem. If you feel anyone of the ways listed below, you are harming the UNITY of the Ummah of Muhammad…

1.  People be fakin’. I don’t have time to deal with people thinking they’re somone they are not, wannabe da’ees and Sheikhahs.

2.  I just do me. I keep to myself and stay away from the fitnah and backbiting.

3.  I just don’t have time. Between work, kids, homeschooling and whatever else, I don’t have time.

4. I’m not comfortable around a lot of people.

5.  I have my few friends and that’s it.

The list could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. These types of attitudes keep the muslims divided, the masajid and islamic centers in jeopardy and our own eman and good deeds at a minimum. 

Allah commands us to “hold fast to the rope of Allah, all of you together and do not be divided amonst yourselves.” And we also see in the example of Prophet Muhammad that he extended himself to people and he endured the harm of the ignorant. We all must sacrifice ourselves in service to one another in order that we may collectively be successful. We have to think well of one another (husnul dhunn) and not only want good for each other but want to provide that goodness to our brothers and sisters from our own efforts, be that by giving a class at the masjid or at your home, or participating in that class so that the numbers are good, having a pleasant attitude so that the class is well received. Or volunteering to sponsor programs for the youth, or cleaning the masjid or painting and doing small repairs or just taking 10 minutes to give ear to another muslim or offering a smile or whatever our Ummah needs to help it heal and grow.

Too much distrust exists between our people. And there is too much uncertainty about who we are within our ownselves. We have a duty to learn or religion through studying the qu’ran and the sunnah and knowing what Allah expects from us and remaining firm upon that. Then we must share that knowledge and that understanding with others.

Let’s come together upon good and unify our hearts upon La illaha il’allah.

Wa Billah Tawfeeq

I have a question. Who says that just because my husband takes another wife, I have to change MY relationship with him. Why do I have to act like he doesn’t exist when he leaves my house? Why do I have to pretend that I am only married to him every other two days and alternate Saturday’s?

This is not what polygyny is about. He is my husband, too (and was for a long time before you came along). If I need him, I will call. I will laugh at his jokes, send him a plate of food and ask you if he is well, in case you answer the phone.

You, dear co-wife are an ADDITION to our humble family. You knew he had a wife and kids. My relationship with him doesn’t have to change, you have to establish whatever you and he will have together.

And that doesn’t mean that I disappear.

I’m fair. I am kind. I am generous. I am your sister-in-Islam.

And I am still his wife.

This is My World…

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This blog is my own corner of cyberspace where I express my opinion, defend my religion if need be and whatever else I decide to say is shared.

This is not a platform for others. It’s my world.

In saying that, please enter with caution. Be respectful (I may not be if annoyed). And understand that your comments can and will be deleted if I don’t like them.