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My husband has one of those weird jobs that takes him away for weeks at a time. So when he’s here we try to squeeze the life out of every moment until he walks out the door again. I don’t take calls and I dont go anywhere without him. It’s very frustrating (and lucrative mind you) and we always question is it worth the heart headache. It’s at the point now where the kids are looking for him a new job themselves.

  • Look Abu! McDonald’s is hiring. You can stay home and we can get free burgers.
  • If you get a job at Walmart, all you would have to do is open boxes all night.
  • Pep Boys needs a stockboy, Abu! Everybody says that you’re stocky.

Shopping centers, gas stations, Home Depot, (which he ought to own personal stock in) have all been proposed by the kids. It amazes me that they don’t understand the economics of an eight person family. And while we don’t want to lose the profitable income, we would like to gain more time with the man-piece (I heard a sister say this term the other day and I can’t stand it. It sounds so crude and ghetto, but it’s stuck in my cranium now).

So he’s gone now hopefully to return soon. I guess now I will have more time to spend with my second love… the internet.  Any thought on Internet addiction, it’s causes and cures?