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So I have applied to like 10 different online jobs, and so far noone has responded. I did get a position with Amazon Mechanical Turks, but a lot of the assignments are hours of work for pennies in wages. For example, I had to write an original recipe for beef short ribs and upload an original picture for a website. How much did I make? 25 cents! My husband laughs at me when I say I am “working” and makes snide remarks about my “wages”, but when I whip out his bank card at the store he has a fit. “Ummie,” (yes, he calls me Ummie) “what did you by for $6.35? You think I’m made out of money? Keep it up and I’m gonna take my card back!!!”

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!! You’ve been threatening to do that for months!! I’m tired of having to explain every purchase I make. I can’t buy a pack of cookies without getting the third degree? Thats why I want to have my own income. FREEDOM!!!! (except the 30+ hours it will take per day to acquire said freedom).

A job will also help me in my hijrah obsession plans. I can save some money towards our tickets. My alternate plan sounds a bit desperate so I will save that for another post.

I am really hoping to do something from home so if anyone has any job leads, feel free to share. In the meantime, this position sounds a bit do-able, although it doesn’t give an end date: