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 (you will have to use your imagination to visualize a big cake with 1000 candles, couldn’t upload the pic for some reason)


Wow, when I started this blog, I promised myself that i would celebrate when I hit 1000 blog views. I never thought anyone would really be interested in what I thought or what went on in my mundane life. Well, here we are 1000 hits and counting. Not sure what that means, if anything. If nothing else, I can say that I have learned alot since I started..

1.) Blog world can be an ugly place to hang out.  I never knew there were so many irrate, discontented with Islam muslims out there. I thought the hatred and angst for Islam would come from the kufar.

2.) I Really Enjoy It.  I didn’t know I would, but I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions and recieving comments (most of them) from the readers. Thanks to all of you for the support and (to fellow bloggers) example. It was through reading some of your blogs that I got the courage to do my own.

3.) Blogging is Power.  I have come to realise that blogging can be a powerful tool to share opinions and have those opinions viewed as truth. Don’t abuse this people. We have a duty to present Islam in the best light. This doesn’t mean you have to sugar coat reality, but it does mean you will be held accountable for watch you say and the opinions you create from your blogging experience. Thanks Safiyyah for your correction and naseehah.

Oh, yeah and a special “Holla!” at PM who gave me my very own, dedicated post for this special occasion. As I read her diatribe, it brings to mind the immortal words of ….. well, somebody who said so eloquently… “Don’t Hate…. Appreciate!” The truth can be a painful thing, to be sure. But knowledge is power and acceptance of who and what we are is half the battle to recovery. I feel so special.

thanks for listening…