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A few posts back I introduced you to half of my family. The Teen Queen, Dude, Professor X and the Love Bug (Bug for short). I have six of these so I ran out of aliases and had to make a part two. Part one was about the older three. Now meet the younger three…

Love Bug (Bug):  I wrote about her before so I will keep it short here. She is a chocolate Betty Boop. Heart shaped face, big eyes, long lashes, kissy-lipped and ultra-feminine (when she doesn’t have one of her brothers in a headlock). She is a self-proclaimed ocean of love. One day she came to my bedroom door and just looked at  me… then she said “I love you, ummie. I really do. I mean, I can just feel the love from you to me” (she was 3 at the time).

Zen Boy: This one is actually older than bug so I guess I should have started with him first. But as the middle child he is usually the one that is passed over, left out or forgotten. He has sucked his thumb ever since he was about one month old. Seven years later and he’s still going strong. He is not forgotten in the sense of neglect but he is the opposite of the “squeaky wheel”. He maintains a constant state of peace and thoughtfulness. He is always contemplating the ways of the world and the after-life. It gets a little weird when he inquires about everything “can you die from that?” When he learned to read the first thing he chose to read under his own motivation was the Qu’ran. He is supper smart and sensitive and he loves animals. He used to catch flies, pulling off one wing so that it could not fly away. He would feed them drops of sugar water and talk to them, but of course the life span off a fly doesn’t last very long. And at each one’s demise he would weep as if he had lost one of his dear brothers. He is a sweetheart. Many times, he will come where I am and say, “I came to be with you, Ummie. I knew you were alone and I came just to keep you company. None of your other kids came to be with you, only me. ”

The Samurai:  When this one was born, I was making du’a to Allah for strength for him and me. I took him to the doctor when he was about a month old because I thought he had some kind of neural disorder, he kept making these twitching movements. I found out later that he was trying to move. He wanted to walk and crawl before he was able to. Because he was to small to walk and crawl, at 5 months he began to roll….. from one end of the house to the other.  This one is a fighter. He will be 4 soon insha’allah and he can swing a stick like a Samurai. He beats up his twelve year old brother, for goodness sake. When you look at him you see this little boy with doe eyes and a sweet smile. You may wonder what he is up to when he sidles up to one of his (much) older brothers, jumps on his back and commences to choke him and pound on his head. Not out of malice mind you. He’s just a gladiator. He is also a computer addict. He can cut on the computer, boot up the internet, navigate to his webpage of choice and play the game he wants and win! Of course he loves to play war and fighting games. He says “Ummie, look at my style!” And I watch as he does martial arts exercises as if he has been taking classes. May I remind you all that he is 3 years old! His motto is give me what I want and I mean now or he will throw the hugest tantrum you have ever seen. He will scream and kick and fall on the ground and then scream louder! Maybe he needs anger management classes.

I love my fam, may Allah guide us. They collectively drive me slowly insane, but my trials are worth the triumphs.