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It’s been a long time since I have made an update here.  I’ve been sifting through new feelings, new events and even pondered starting a new blog… pondering doing something new.

But I realised, this is all me.  All my experiences. Nothing new at all really. So on that note.  Here’s with new with me and my crew.

My husband is scared of polygyny.  He was so disappointed by the turn of events in the last episode, he is having a hard time trusting another situation.  He (we) put so much into it, only to have it fail…fast.  I persuaded him to have another sitdown, but he sabotaged it on purpose…. lololol.  He highlighted  all of his bad points. So we have agreed to not discuss it.

I am slowy getting over my anger at world events. I’m still angry about it but I believe I have found some balance and comfort in the knowledge that Allah is in control and we are his slaves and he does with us as he pleases. I find comfort in the knowledge that the lives lost are not in vain Allah tells us in his book of truth and guidance:

 O ye who believe! seek help with patient perseverance and prayer; for Allah is with those who patiently persevere And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah. “They are dead.” Nay, they are living, though ye perceive (it) not. Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, Who say, when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return”:- They are those on whom (Descend) blessings from Allah, and Mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance.  Surah Baqarah 153-157.

So masha’allah. I am content with what he has decreed for us. For our ummah, and I patiently wait saying “ina’lillahi wa ina’illayhi rajiun”.

New topics to be discussed: Hijrah, Make-up and Marriage bi’ithnillah.

Khayr Insha’allah

What will "W's" New Job Be?

What will "W's" New Job Be?

While watching recaps of the inauguration day interviews and stuff, my 8 year old comes up and says, while looking over my shoulder:

Professor X:   Ummie what’s happening?

Me:  What’s happening what?

Zen Boy:  What’s everbody going on about?  Who is that man?

Me:  That’s the new President of America. (Pause) Bush got fired!

Zen Boy: Cool!  Now he has to drive in his poor person car!

Out of the mouths of babes.

Do ye make the giving of drink to pilgrims, or the maintenance of the Sacred Mosque, equal to (the pious service of) those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and strive with might and main in the cause of Allah. They are not comparable in the sight of Allah. and Allah guides not those who do wrong.  Qur’an 9:19

The question remains. If Saudi is the richest and most powerful muslim country in the world, the protectors and benefactors of our deen.  Supposedly the only government that operates (closely) to the sharia of Allah and his Messenger (saw).  Why have they not gathered the muslims under one banner.  Why have they not established one nation of muslims, with one leader?  Why do they do nothing while islamic nations struggle under the oppression of famine and war? Palaces or military bases, yachts or warships? Lavish princes or the populace? What would you do?

The Biography of Saudi’s Royal Family…


But is it really Sharia?  Are the laws of Allah really being put into place, here?

House of Saud… A glimpse of saudi government.

Allah and his Messenger tell us in an authentic Hadith: If you see a wrong then change it with your hand and if you are not able to do that then change it with your tongue and if you cannot then hate it in your heart and verily this is the weakest of Belief.”

Ponder Allah’s signs to the truth…And pray for guidance.

We don’t need another hero, Allah completed our affair over 1400 years ago. And aside from the religious aspect here are a few more eloquently put statements that illustrate why I say “THANKS, MR. PRESIDENT BUT, NO THANKS!!.” I can’t jump on your bandwagon.

and here as well…

And the extremely damning evidence here:

Any Questions?

I am finding it extremely difficult to find any authentic islamic presence on the internet. I mean, is it just me or is everybody either neo-salafi or progressive sufi?  I have conducted several web searches for forums, chats, websites and other media and it always comes up one or the other… with no in between. Oh yeah, I forgot, I do see the neo-salafi detractors here and there, but they appear to be mere “devils advocates” in the game, you know, to play up the “distrust in anything islamic” factor. I find alot of elements on other blogs disturbing to say the least….

  1. Promoting “cum-ba-ya” Sufism.
  2. Promoting “man bashing/hijab liberating” feminism.
  3. Promoting fear of the word “Jihad”.
  4. Promoting modernism and the ideologies of non-muslim or barely muslim “thinkers”.
  5. Promoting political views and voting.
  6. Promoting images of dysfunctional family life, abuse and rascism.
  7. Promoting rascism and disparagement between cultures.
  8. Promoting music and intermigling between the sexes.
  9. Promoting the idea that everything is haram.
  10. Promoting the idea that muslims are too ignorant to understand Allah’s religion on their own.
  11. Promoting “scholar” worship which is sounding like some form of shirk.

And other crap that I don’t have time to type. So where are the real muslims that are not afraid to promote what Islam really is… If any of you have links to any “real” islamic sites that do not fall under any of the above catogories, let me know… in the meantime… still searching.

This is from a comment I made concerning a blog post I read on this issue…

“This is not a muslim vs. christian issue. And the slippery slope is very real. The government is not going to get into semantics when setting legal precedent in the case of polygyny. It is going to blanket and generalise in every area that it can. For example, in an effort to minimize the rights of families to homeschool their children, the law of educational neglect was penned.

To me and anyone else seeing this law, it should cover people who are not providing an equivalent education to their children. Well I saw with my own eyes this law being used in a majority african american city in Georgia against parents who were guilty of mere unexcused absences. Not only did these parents have to go to court but they were also faced with being charged with a felony (and we all know what a felony does to your record) and possible jail time.

I strongly feel that this episode in our (in)justice system is really to set legal precedence to prosecute the muslims. I wonder what new legal statutes were created from this?”

With that said I can probably guess that the law will be stretched to include a new definition of polygamy (meaning common law marriages included) young marriage and religious oppression as a reason to take custody of peoples children. It saddens me that our community is still ignorant to the means in which the american government consistently infiltrates and undermines our faith as we sit idly by and do nothing.

Obama is The Knock-Kneed Abysinnian..

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And I don’t mean that as a racial slur either. But why else would the American-Powers-That-Be allow a black man to be President. Don’t tell me that all of a sudden they are growing a conscience or that he is just the “right man for the job.” Noone even knew who he was a few years ago. When Jesse “the-question-is-moot” Jackson ran, all hell broke loose, and in my mind he was far more credible.

So what’s up with that? Prophet prophesied that the Kaba would be destroyed close to the time of the hour. In an excerpt from Tafsir Ibn Kathir, it reads:

The two Sahih’s recorded that Abu Hurayrah said that the Messenger of Allah
(saw) said: ” The Ka’bah will be destroyed by Dhus-Sawiqatayn (literally, a
person with two lean legs) from Ethiopia.” Also, Ibn Abbas said that the
Prophet(saw) said: “As if I see him now: a black person with thin legs
plucking thestones of the ka’bah one after another.” Al-Bukhari recorded
this hadith.

Not that it matters so much, as we do not worship the Ka’bah. But it seems a
bit interesting and makes you wonder how soon before we actually see the
appearance of the dajjal.