The Battle Continues….

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I am finding myself in another fight.  A war I have fought for a long time, but refused to thnk of the enemy as a real enemy.  It feels like I’ve been running as fast as  can but I only swing a few punches when I’m cornered, when I am caught, when I am forced to defend long enough to run again, to escape again.  But noone can win a battle using this technique.  The enemy, the foe must be recognized, analyzed.  The lines of defense must be clearly drawn and a firm stance must be taken.  The enemy has to be faced head on, man to man, fist to fist and gun to gun.  Am I strong enough??  Will I surrender.  Must I lose or can I win.  Pray for me…. I need all the help I can get.

Khayr Insha’allah

  1. rei says:

    I don’t know what fight you are in but to run away is not an answer. Yes you should know your enemy and face him when you are ready… NOT TO FIGHT BUT TO RECONCILE. I hope you find ways how to do it. May God bless your journey 🙂

  2. Mai says:

    As salaamu alaykum.

    Know that you are fighting shaytaan. Whether he is attacking you through another person or not, it’s still him. As long as you are clear that it is shaytaan you are fighting, you will not give in, you will fight tooth and nail to win.

    Love what Allah loves, hate what Allah hates…and don’t stop until the battleground is purified.

    Barak Allahu feeki wa tawakkaltu ala Alllah!

    • Zaahirah says:

      As Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

      My dearest sister my Duaa are with you. I am also on a battlefield engaging the emeny and Insha Allaah I will not let him win. Insha Allaah we are strong enough we just have to continue to fight and trust in Allaah. I have been thinking about you wondering if you were ok. I relived one of your posts. Just recently I packed my husbands things and sent him to his new wife. It has been a true struggle. Mai gives great advise. She has been my therapist through my ordeal. I will continue to make Duaa for you.

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