Can We Talk….???

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Uncategorized
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An interesting dialog is going on over at take a look and tell me what you think.  Be sure to check out the comments section where the conversation continues….


Can We Talk Show Polygamy, What’s the Big Deal?.

  1. Safiyyah says:


    I lost interest when the people involved couldn’t even pronounce “polygamy” etc., properly. Jeez 😦

    What’s the big deal bro? Well, I think if he were one of a number of husbands with one wife, he’d understand.

    No disrespect for anyone comfortable with it.

    But he needs to respect people who don’t want to do it.

    We don’t HAVE TO live in p if we don’t want to. It’s not fard, it’s sunnah. We have choices.

  2. Umm Imaan says:

    Assalaamu alaikum ukhti

    I just finished reading through your whole blog 🙂 you have a wonderful way of writing masha Allah. I was attracted to your blog because my hub has recently spoken to me about an interest in entering into poly. I was always pro poly as it is a societal cure masha Allah (for those who can manage it) but I never ever concidered myself one of them. I wanted to read your blog from start to finish because I saw in one post you were encouraging finding a second wife for your hub…it was SUCH a change from the 1st wife blogs I have been reading I just needed to see how you could have such strong conviction masha Allah.

    I managed to discourage my hub from the notion but now I feel empty, like I have cheated him of his right and a sister from the possiblity of a husband. I just find it (poly) such a hard pill to swallow. I feel so ashamed that I can’t get over myself to share him, its so nafsi and weak. I took it personal. I make duah Allah helps me in this.

    You are someone to look up to masha Allah, keep writing sis

    I pray Allah (SWT) bless you and you family with abundant happiness and increased imaan.


    Umm Imaan

  3. abu taubah says:

    as salaamu alaykum
    I think polygyny is one of the best things in the world. I love my wives and enjoy the different ways they affect me. I wish my brother Muslims would understand the unique nature of polygyny and practice it in the proper fashion.
    I also wish my sisters would (for the most part) stop hating the concept of polygyny and hate the improper practice of this great model of marriage.

    abu taubah
    wal Hamdulillaah

    • tabarakallah says:

      Asalaamu Alaikum, Thank you for stoping by the blog, I haven’t had an oppurtunity to blog lately due to so many changes in my life (not due to polygyny) but I do try to moderate the comments from time to time. Sister’s unfortunately have experienced an overwhelming percentage of polygymous relationships that have not been practiced properly and I think the solution would have to be that a brother wishing to enter into a polygynous marriage would have to have counseling first, to ensure he knows the parameters of spousal righs and responsibilities. Most complaints usually deal with separation of time and unequal treatment (one wife blatantly favored over the others). If the brother could learn what he is supposed to do first it would greatly improve our success rate in this area and Allah knows best. Khayr Insha’allah

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