Questions…If You Know The Answers, Please Enlighten Us All.

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Ques 1. Why is there no Khalifah after all these years and why are no steps being taken to get one?

Ques 2. How can the largest, richest reiligion (beside the vatican people) not have an army or any means to help the nation of muslims out of the many global crisises it has been afflicted with.

Ques 3. Why were foriegn powers allowed to build a military presence in all the key areas of the islamic world like a game of chess gone terribly wrong?

Ques 4. How many muslims have to die before something is done?

Ques 5. When the meccans gathered to massacre the Prophet and his companions, did Allah command him to sit quietly and make du’a?

Ques 6. How can they sit in their palaces and on their yachts and watch the carnage, without witholding ONE barrel of oil or expelling ONE diplomatic presence of those at fault from their countries or closing down one military supply route that they gave permission to come through Muslim land to feed foreign soldiers and make sure they have enough fire-power to kill us all?

Ques 7. When will the sleeping giant awake?

  1. AsSalaamu Alaikum ukhti,

    Allah knows best the answers but I’ll give them a shot, at least what I know and my opinion on the matter if you allow such a thing.

    1. The last Khalif ruler was ended in 1914 with the fall of the Ottoman Empire if my memory serves correctly. The last remnants of the Islamic Empire were the Ottomans of Turkish descent. I can only venture to guess why Empire hasn’t been re-established. One reason is the muslims waiting on the Mahdi, who will establish the muslim state once again and rule it justly. Another reason is that the muslims have divided into sects of nationalities and rejoice in what is theirs instead of Islam. Giving everything to Allah, I assume would not be the most popular idea to a rich ruler of a country who has all of dunya at his feet. AstaghfirAllah at the thought of a person who says Ashadu an la illaha illa Allah wa Muhammadan RasulAllah would ever think that. AstaghfirAllah. Not only that, politics stand in the way , when you have so called Sunni and Shiite opposition which are really two political sects of muslims which should really be dissolved an Islamic Empire doesn’t seem possible. Third reason goes along with the second in , people would rather live as they are than live under Shariah or someone’s interpretation of Shariah, who’s to say those implementing the law is implenting it right. Who’s in control? and Who has to lose power, or status, or wealth? I hope that gave you at least a little glimmer on why I think no one has tried to establish the muslim state again.

    2. All countries with a mass amount of muslims, have armies and may have musims in their armies but whether they fight fisibilillah, Allahu Allum. That’s not big on the priority list to help out your fellow muslim elsewhere and even in your own country, city or town. We must remember that muslims are just people and like regular people, some are prejudice, racist, sexist and all that so that plays a big part also in the dysfunction of our ummah. I mean when you don’t get Salaams in a masjid after you make Salaah because you’re black , that’s a problem. Or a muslim calls you abid or bukhti. That’s a problem. We’re muslim. But it’s not always seen that way.

    3.Foreign powers contributed to the fall of the Ottoman Empire and shaped the world in the way that you see it today. Before 1914 there was not Iraq, Iran, and such places. They were all one. They were all part of the Empire of the Ottomans. Now, don’t get me wrong, geographically , ethnically, I’m sure people knew and had differences, however, they were united as one. Foreign governments, mainly the British and French, went to the Middle East, and influenced, muslims to fight against muslims and they did under the pretense that they would gain independence or power over their brothers in deen. However, what happened was, the French and the British took their piece first, gave pieces to the Italians, and designated little points for the muslims. Reason why the Lebanese and Syrians speak French. This was just, almost 100 years ago but in the 20th century so from 1914 to now, not much has changed. I mean muslims have power, their own countries but who has power and embassies and strong influences on these countries and their governments? Western powers. Point Blank. It is what it is but it starts from there or at least, that’s what my research has shown me.

    4. Things are being done. Alhamdulillah, muslims have many organizations, Cair, icna, isna, Islamic Relief, muslim, schools Zeituna , Al Maghrib, where deen and dawah and relief is being spread. InshaAllah, muslims will be able to do more but things are being done, to relieve the plight of the ummah. And really what we need is to seek Astaghfir. Because we’ve strayed. and Allahu Allum.

    5.Well, in studying the Life of the Prophet, when the Quraish were killing muslims when the Prophet (S.A.W.) was still in Mecca, He( S.A.W.) allowed some of his followers to make Hijra to Abssynia. He made Hijra, to Medina. But you must understand and may Allah forgive me if I’m wrong in my account of the revelation but The Prophet (S.A.W.) was not given the revelation to fight yet. That revelation came when He (S.A.W.) was in Medina. And… You must also remember, that even after the revelation to fight, The Prophet (S.A.W.) signed a treaty with the disbelievers that was more in favor of the disbelievers than the muslims but Allah (Subhanawata’Ala) in the Qur’an called this a great victory. Peace was made. When the Disbelievers finally broke the treaty which was in favor of them over the muslims and the call to fight was once again rekindled, for lack of a better word, there were so many muslims, swords didn’t even have to be unsheathed. The Quraish gave up and became Muslim. Example Abu Sufyan. So the revelation to our Beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) was as you already know, was many and it seemed, and this is my thoughts, changed as the conditions of the people changed. Meaning when the people changed, Allah changed their condition. And Allahu Allum.
    All in all I’m sure lots and lots of dua’s were made. And you must remember also, that the dua of the oppressed is answered by Allah (Subhanawata’Ala).

    6. Interesting finding, President Chavez of Venezuela expelled the Israeli Ambassador from Venuzuela in protest of the Israeli Offensive on Gaza.
    Allahu Allum. Allah knows best what goes on .

    7.Allahu Allum. Sister, I pray that through whatever happens I’m a believer when it does happen and I remain one even after death inshaAllah. I pray the same for all us inshaAllah. The world doesn’t end here and we all must remember Allah is watching.

    AsSalaamu Alaikum,


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