The Damning Evidence… Mr. President pt.2

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Uncategorized
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We don’t need another hero, Allah completed our affair over 1400 years ago. And aside from the religious aspect here are a few more eloquently put statements that illustrate why I say “THANKS, MR. PRESIDENT BUT, NO THANKS!!.” I can’t jump on your bandwagon.

and here as well…

And the extremely damning evidence here:

Any Questions?

  1. Halal_Wife4him says:

    May Allah protect us all. Ameen

  2. Brandace says:

    lol @ him backtracking on Iran. Maybe he was lying, or maybe he GOT A CLUE. May Allah protect us from the Shia Rafida, ameen.

  3. MoCo says:

    Peace be upon you,

    Great job doing some digging and coming up with these vids. I am very divided on Obama though. Allah knows best how he will live up to the Office of the President. One thing i must advise is that we remain cautious and watchful before making any political judgments or moves, remember your blog does get quite a few readers. Do you think it was wise to categorically call Obama a kaffir?

    I think you were very wise on teaching your children about demagogy. May Allah make your children the coolness of your eyes.

    ~ Peace till next time MoCo

  4. May Allah curse these “Muslims” who supported this creep. May Allah reward you for exposing these animals. They deserve our hatred. I pray that they are all stricken with diseases

  5. tabarakallah says:

    Cursing muslims is a bit strong. Never forget that when we make du’a for our brothers and sisters, the angels say ameen wa anta, meaning and for you also. A more befitting du’a would be May Allah the ever-living, the creator of the heavens and earth guide us all, protect us all from ignorance and unbeneficial pursuits and reward us for our trials on this earth inspite of our shortcomings…..ameen!

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