Thank You, Mr. President….!!

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I wanted to wait until all the chaos died down before I made my written contribution to the “Obama” topic. I love you guys, but I know you can be a bit emotional at times. Hopefully now, after a few days of sobering silence, you can hear what I have to say and feel me a little bit on the subject. But before I begin I would just like to say, “THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT!.” 

Thank you for:

  1. Allowing me to show my children a real, live example of hero worship and how this is haram in Islam.
  2. Helping me teach my children how easily it will be to follow the dajjal when he is presented to mankind. (Even for the Muslims)
  3. How emotions can easily take over from good old common sense and even the hardcore facts.

We didn’t even know it was election day at my house. We were having a really casual day of lazing around. I got online and noticed that the stupid poling thingy looked different on Yahoo, but I wasn’t interested enough to see why. I was too busy following an auction on ebay (strategy: gotta keep watching until the last second). My husband says later on, “Do you see this, it looks like they are really going to elect the dude!” We had already suspected this would be the case. Back when they let him speak at the democratic convention, you could see the set-up begin. We watched the throngs of people gather in Grant Park screaming and crying like the second coming of Jesus.  I couldn’t believe how everyone was behaving. We allowed the children to watch, too, pointing out religiously significant issues along the way.  We listened to the acceptance speech and marveled at how eloquent Obama is and how ugly his wife’s dress was. But, when I reflected upon what was happening, trying to be in the moment, because it was a historical moment, I realized that I reall felt numb. I was not excited, I didn’t feel that it was a life altering event for me personally, either. The hardcore facts remained:

1.  American politics are such that, no one leader makes the rules or policies for government and unfortunately, the US government is so busy being “Friends of Isreal,” they could care less about the fate of Muslims, or the general citizen.

2.  We learn through our great religion that the better man has nothing to do with race or color. We only judge a man by his commitment to Allah. Obama is a Kafir, nuff said.

3.  How does this have anything to do with Muslims or Islam. We are no longer patriots, our banner is La Illaha Il’Allah (there’s no god but the Creator, Allah). We are no longer Afrocentric or racially motivated, we are one world and our people are whoever follows the way of Muhammad.

Others have expressed this ideal, more eloquently than I.  A comment was posted over on Sililoquies by Daud:

Daud Says:
November 5, 2008 at 5:44 pm@ Imanubillah

RE: But does the historic aspect of his nomination show people of African decent that they no longer should sit on income support and sell drugs and call that living?

  • The Book of Allaah, which was revealed long before Obama’s election, told believing men and women that they can no longer “sit on income support and sell drugs”!!!30:46 And among His Signs is this, that He sends the winds as glad tidings, giving you a taste of His Mercy (i.e. rain), and that the ships may sail at His Command, and that you may seek of His Bounty, in order that you may be thankful.The Muslim knows the risq is from Allaah, alone!!!RE: “..ignore from the point of view of what has happened to us as a race of people…”

    So what, our ancestors were taken into slavery. It was African tribes from Nuba (i.e. fir’awn) who enslaved bani Isra’eel. What is beneficial to the Muslims is knowing what caused them to be taken from their lands and enslaved. Everything starts out in goodness from Allaah, and Allaah does not change this good to evil unless the people changed their hearts from good to evil. Allaah punished our ancestors for their sins. No one was ever expelled from their lands and taken into slavery except that they earned the wrath of Allaah upon themselves. Muslims should know this, and should rejoice in the fact that Allaah, in His Mercy upon us, freed us from the shackles and tethers of the false belief that people today are negatively affected by historical events that happened centuries ago. Allaah is Al Adl (the Just), and he said,

    2:134 That was a nation who has passed away. They shall receive the reward of what they earned and you of what you earn. And you will not be asked of what they used to do.

    RE: a lot of what has happened to me and others due to our heritage has led us to Islaam.
    Allaah knows best.

    RE: “…Lineage is important in Islaam is it not?…”
    Lineage is important regarding your family blood-line. In jaahiliyyah the pagan Arabs were fiercely loyal to their tribes, but the Messenger of Allaah refuted this asabiyyah in such strong words that he told them to “bite the head of your father’s penis because that’s where you came from”–and told the narrator of the hadith not to “sugar coat his words”!!!!!!!! It is well known that the Messenger of Allaah forbade tribal loyalties by replacing it with loyalty to Islaam. He didn’t just legislate this. He taught the people Tawheed and the pure Islaamic Aqeedah first, for thirteen years; then he taught them the rulings. It was the effect of Tawheed and the pure Islaamic Aqeedah that stopped the 100 year war between two tribes, not the legislation.

    There are so many Ayaat and ahadith that prove this. One hadith says that,

    “The Deen is sincerity. When asked “sincerity to whom”, he said, “Sincerity to Allaah, His Book, His Messenger (salallaahu alayhi wa salam), the leaders of the Muslims, and to the general Muslim”. Notice he didn’t say anything about anyone’s tribe or nationality.

    “…we cannot just expect that learning certain aspects of the Deen will totally reform some of the people who have lived in these environments around negative elements their entire lives…”

    Be careful here because this could be a statement of kufr. The Qur’an is a cure for every illness. Allaah said,

    13:28 Those who believe (in the Oneness of Allâh – Islâmic Monotheism), and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allâh, Verily, in the remembrance of Allâh do hearts find rest.

    It is only Allaah that removes addictions. The people have to enter Islaam wholeheartedly like we were commanded.

    “…The brothers and sisters coming into the Deen need to cleanse themselves of their ma’asi first before they can really worship Allah the way He deserves to be worshiped….”
    NO! Brothers and sisters coming into the Deen need to learn its foundations, and implement them in every aspect of their lives. Then they will have the ability to turn away from sins. All tawfeeq comes from Allaah, alone!!!!!!

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    1. ummafnaan says:

      Assalamu alaikum ukhti,

      May Allah reward you, and elevate your status in this life and the next. I read your blog a lot even though I don’t comment. You sister, have been blessed with wisdom and deep insight and foresight.

      Beautiful post!
      Keep it up!:)

    2. Marianne says:

      Remember, only half the Americans voted for Obama.

      The other half did not vote for him. Obama is not our god.

    3. Halal Honey says:

      I am a proud Obama supporter. Your judgements are unfair and unislamic. Only God can judge us. I think this post is truly ignorant. And I disagree with you strongly. That’s all I have to say, because I am in no mood to debate on such a close-minded post. (And I understand if you wish not to publish this comment)

    4. Halal Honey says:

      “We listened to the acceptance speech and marveled at how eloquent Obama is and how ugly his wife’s dress was.”

      Honestly, how ignorant can you be???

      This is my last comment to you,

    5. tabarakallah says:

      See… This is what I mean by emotional. Sister what do you support him in exactly? His views on homosexuality, on cloning, his proposals on middle east diplomacy? Or do you support him in his blackness? You can’t support him in his religious beliefs. So you proudly support what exactly? He says he is a proud supporter and protector of Isreal. Are you also? No, wait. Here’s the real question….. Would Prophet Muhammad support him? Would you see him standing PROUDLY at the voting booths, crying at his induction and jumping up and down with pleasure at his success?

      Are you sure I’m the ignorant one?

    6. tabarakallah says:

      That’s my point Marianne, he is not our god, or our brother in faith, or anything of the sort. He needs more than a particular color skin to make a difference. Reverse Rascism comes suddenly to mind.

    7. Umm Travis says:

      Ma shaa Allah sister 🙂 You have the strength and knowledge to say what you need towith logic and faith, alhumdullah, may Allah guide all the Muslims to the right way ameen. I really loved your three main points at the top, subhanAllah, I didnt even think of those arguments myself

    8. Halal_Wife4him says:

      As Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Uhtki,

      Tabarakallah I have to agree with…YOU. When I first heard he was running there was a little of racial pride. I mean I had listened to all the stories my mother and father told me about how african americans were treated and how the dogs and water hoses were turned to people. I read in the constitution how blacks are not considered 100% human but 2/3s or some junk like that. So for a minute I was like. IN YOUR FACE…But you are right this has nothing to do with Islam. And that is what matters,

    9. Marianne says:

      Hi Tabarakallah

      Obama is “shifty.”

      First, he says one thing, then he contradicts it, and says the opposite.

      THen he does something, and then denies it.

      Then he does not do something, and then says he did it.

      I do not think he really knows what he believes.

      He changes with the wind.

      This means it does not matter what he says.

      He will change, and you cannot rely on him.

      Some days he is muslim. Some days he is christian. Some days he is neither.

      He says he is a man of faith, but he votes against what God stands for, and makes sin legal.

      If you try to make him reveal what he really is, he lets you know it is none of your business.

      He makes his commitments and comments, based on who is listening.

    10. tabarakallah says:

      Typical Politician I’d say. Why get excited they all do that, shifty lying thing. An old saying goes there’s nothing worse then a lawyer except a politician or something like that. I suspect that he will do the same job that Regan, Clinton and Bush did (although you have to stink pretty bad to reach Bush’s level) no better or worse. All (except W) did good here and bad over there and then it was someone else’s turn. Same stuff, different President.

    11. Brandace says:

      Hmm sisters…I came across this blog and although I don’t agree with everything that is stated in the blog, some of the comments are unnerving to me. I didn’t vote, its not the Shariah so it wasn’t any of my business lol. I felt that Obama did not need my vote to win (lesser of the two evils perhaps) and I was correct, he didn’t. I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m an Obama supporter, but did I cry when he won? Yes, was I in disbelief, awe? YES. Because I’m African American, and in a day and time when the residue of African Slavery STILL affects the African Americans in this country, an African American man was elected president, subhanAllah. I don’t think that has anything to do with reverse racism, nor racial / African pride. Its just a nice thing that has happened for this country and maybe some type of unity / harmony amongst the races may begin to happen from this historical moment. So I beg of you all not to go to extreme sides of this 1 side being: We love Obama, we voted for him he is going to change this country, blah blah…ok THIS side needs to realize that he is still 1. Human he can only do what Allah allows him to do 2. a non Muslim ummm speaks for itself 3. a politician , although the most sincere politician I’ve heard of, the manhaj of policitians is WISHY WASHY lol. Nuff said. The other extreme side is belittling the fact that this is a very historical moment and regardless if its associated w/ politics/ the West/ non Muslims/ its a GOOD THING when someone realizes that we were not created unjustly and that the color of someone’s skin doesn’t make them any better or worse then the next person. YES Islam teaches us this, but is everyone Muslim? Nope. If people were just generally good people, this world would be a better place. So please don’t take away from the positive impact that this situation has done for the country that I still have to live in, because it is not in the Qadr for me to have made hijrah yet. Allahu Musta’an.

    12. Brandace says:

      A point that I forgot to mention, that man never said he was Muslim, subhanAllah. I’ve never heard a Muslim say this before until today. Come on, lets not follow the words of the right wing conservative. He has always professed to be VERY Christian, wa audhoo billah. And to talk bad about the dress…while I wouldn’t have rocked it, thats just not nice to say.

    13. UmmMalik says:

      Thinking out loud, “Should I reply?” Then realizing that we will answer for all we do and say and our secrets. I thought I might be able to help myself and in the process help my Muslim sisters and brother and maybe even a non Muslim, AllahuAlim. So, Allah says, in English, “The Day when all the secrets (deed, prayers, fasting) will be examined (as to their truth).” (86:9). Also, “And when the (written) pages [of deeds (good and bad) of every person] shall be laid open.” (81:10)”On the Day when every person will be confronted with all the good he has done, and all the evil he has done, he will wish that there were a great distance between him and his evil. And Allah warns you against Himself(His punishment) and Allah is full of kindess to (His) slaves.” (3:30) I won’t discuss my feelings, because they don’t matter and I am going to answer to Allah for them. I pray that Allah corrects me with my inner and outer actions, Ameen!!!! Obviously, this topic is a topic that maybe the scholars will address because the Muslims need to be corrected. Our hearts are diseased sometimes in ways that we don’t understand-May Allah purify us. One thing we can all do is to pray, that Allah protects the Muslims and makes us victorious and we can pray that those that run this country become Muslim, whomever they may be. We don’t only pray for black people, red people, or white people, but the Muslims want good for everyone. And we pray while we can, so pray to Allah who makes Muslims. At the same time remember no matter how great Obama seems he is a non Muslim–May Allah guide him before he is one of the losers-in the Hellfire forever, Ameen!!! Remember the Worst Muslim is better than the Best Non-Muslim. Why? Because the non-muslim commits the sin you can’t be forgiven for and the muslim may be a great sinner(which he can be forgiven for) and doesn’t commit shirk, AllahuAlim. They say that a man is your Lord, someone in truth ,created by The True Lord of all that exists. How can a person who says this be looked up too, we have to correct ourselves with what is good and what is evil. Allah says, in the English, “Surely, in DISBELIEF, are they who say that Allah is the Messiah,….” ” O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Now has come to you Our Messenger (Muhammad) making (things) clear to you, after a break in (the series of) Messengers, lest you say: ‘There came to us no bringer of glad tidings and no warner. ‘ But now has come to you a bringer of glad tidings and a warner. And Allah is Able to do all things.” (5:17,19) So, Obama, fits one that Allah is addressing here. We need to check ourselves with our inner most thoughts and what we say and do(including writing). I pray that we all die upon the correct creed, Ameen!!!! I pray that I was clear, and I pray that Allah accepts my intention with this posting and forgives me my sins, Ameen!!!

      Much Love for the Righteous Muslims,

    14. […] some good questions on her blog. The questions are actually a response to a comment on her post  Thank you, Mr.President.  …what do you support him in exactly? His views on homosexuality, on cloning, his proposals […]

    15. leila says:

      Your ignorance baffles me.

    16. TawheedNotShirk says:

      May Allah curse those who support this TAGHOOT Obama and getting him elected. May Allah fight them fiercely. I pray that Allah strikes them with grief, destruction and misery

    17. May Allah reward you and debase those who supported this kaafir

    18. sunspots1 says:

      As salaamu alaikum, and Peace.

      I agree with Marianne wholeheartedly. And we need no other proof than who he is picking for a cabinet. There is no “change”, just a change from Bush back to Clinton. And I definitely can’t stand her or what they did in office. You know there is truly a problem with a person who needs to be in power, we have been told this, and we see how it is played out.

      In all honesty, I would want the Constitutional Party to be stronger than it is. We have gotten so far away from the ethics and morals of the country as a nation, that how can we not correlate our decline in the US with our spiraling moral standards. Like you quoted from Daud, that God upholds a nation as long as there is good and justice in it.

      Just to see people protesting in the streets because they want to flaunt their abhorrent behavior in the midst of a worldwide famine and food/water shortage is disgusting and even more proof to anyone that has common sense that we are plunging.

      Quite honestly, I’m just fed up with the whole situation. No one will hold BO accountable, because he has created a platform of being beyond reproach – interestingly enough – much as B.Clinton did. When questions start pinning him down, he would lash out and invoke the Mr.President status.

      I believe this is more than any other time for people of moral standing be firm and assist one another. I feel we are being assaulted and are under attack by all of the -isms/-ists and ideologies which are far from the basis of Islam and Christianity.

      A new “you’re either with us, or you’re against us” attitude is forming.

    19. Muslim Apple says:

      I support Obama, we differ in many issues, but other issues we can agree on like:

      Ending the war in Iraq
      Closing Guantanamo Bay
      Reforming the healthcare situation in the U.S.
      Tax reform proposals
      Funding for alternative energy – A shift from the position that global warming is a myth.
      Decreased destructive politicization and partisanship in the executive branch political
      Renewed focus on diplomacy instead of war-mongering
      A shift from strict-constructionist judicial appointees
      Immigration reform

    20. Muslim Apple says:

      Meant to say: Decreased destructive politicization and partisanship in the executive branch political appointee process

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