Things I Am Doing Besides Polygyny…

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Uncategorized
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This was not intended to be a Polygyny blog. But it seems like thats all I talk about lately. I guess it does kind of consume you. There is life outside of polygyny. So what else am I doing you ask?

1.  I got a job. I figured sitting around the house “waiting for my turn,” was a bit destructive for the mind so I got a job. I haven’t worked in about 7 or 8 years. But I figure I can soak my sorrows in frappucinos and shopping sprees and it will make me feel better. Newsflash…. Working sucks! I miss my kids, I am tired when I get home and the caffeine prevents me from sleeping.

2. I am doing this extremely cool class that a brother in NY posted on youtube. He is so energized! He has a class on arabic and another on tafseer qur’an. If you are an arabic addict like me, you will thoroughly enjoy it. Just go to and type in ABU TAUBAH. The bomb!

3.  Preparing for Ramadhan. This weekend, we will be going over fasting and the rulings pertaining to Ramadhan with the kids. I look forward to the iftars with my co-wife and doing things as a family. Despite the fitnah, I enjoy having the big family. I enjoy seeing all the kids play together. I enjoy seeing my husband make sure we both are doing well and have what we need. Oops, Polygyny again. I plan to, insha’allah…

  • Read the Qur’an more, (english and arabic).
  • De-stress, relax and increase my prayers.
  • make istighfar (seek forgiveness for my sins) daily or hourly if I can.
  • feed the people, this is an important aspect of Ramadhan few people take advantage of.

4. Getting ready for school. The kids go back next week. So much to do, still have to get last minute school supplies.

See I do have a life.  TQ and her siblings think I am going crazy. She reads my blog sometimes and she just shakes her head. She suggested we all get Ruqya done (it’s hard for her to understand the emotional ups and downs and changes). I don’t understand it either. But I’m getting the hang of it all I think.

  1. Halal_Wife4him says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum

    Conragts on what some people call having a life. Keeping busy so you dont drive yourself crazy is a good thing. And yes working does suck. LOL I am also looking forward to Ramadhan. We Need a Ramadhan. School for my children starts on Sept 1 WOO-HOO. I am familiar with Abu Taubah he used to live here in Los Angeles. I was my husbands teacher. He states he learned an awfully lot from that brother. Check out the lecture on Islam and culture. It is very very good. Well sis I am glad to see you are doing good. Insha Allah things will continue to get better.

    Your Sister in Islam
    Umm Abdul Zahir

    P.S. By the way, lay off those frappucinos they are murder on the hips, thighs, ect……….LOL

  2. MoCo says:

    Whats “Ruqya” ?

  3. hawa says:

    Ruqya is used as a treatment, its when someone takes zam zam water which is better or any other water and they give it to someone to read Quran on it so they can use that water as a supplication to be protected by Allah from evil things. Many people ask for ruqya when they find a problem in them ,or there having difficulties in life, mostly when their ill, and they have a sickness.

    many people also differ by ruqya if there is anything wrong with it
    but Allah knows best but the best thing to do is to make dua to Allah almighty for shifa

    soory if i am wrong

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