The Steep Path…

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I stumbled upon these ayaat. It is from Surah Balad and it reads:

  11. But he has made no effort to pass on the path that is steep.

12. And what will make you know the path that is steep?

13. (It is) Freeing a neck (slave, etc.)

14. Or giving food in a day of hunger (famine),

15. To an orphan near of kin.

16. Or to a Misk�n (poor) afflicted with misery.

17. Then he became one of those who believed, and recommended one another to perseverance and patience, and (also) recommended one another to pity and compassion.

18. They are those on the Right Hand (the dwellers of Paradise)

So much ajr in these ayats. The “path that is steep” is to do something, sacrifice something, give something you love when it is needed. To suffer discomfort for the greater good. In Tafsir Ibn Kathir it is said that when on of the sahabah heard this ayat he called his fastest, most obedient servant and said: “I free you for the face of Allah.”

Can we traverse this path? Can we stand the discomfort, the hurt feelings, the sleepless nights and insecurities to stick to the path? Are we ready to sweat and suffer and insha’allah win?

Allah help me.


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