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Been a few days since last I posted. Everything is well, just tryin to rap up the last days of school with my kids. TQ has started her own blog (ya rab!) and keeps bugin’ me to post her blog on mine. I am hesitant because cyberspace can be a headache but hey, she’s a big girl she says.

I have started a qur’an class with a sister in Egypt, I really love the class but I think she is tryin to kill me. We do tajweed, hifith and tafsir. I say she is tryin to kill me because she wants me to memeorize half a page from the mushaf every other day. Messae to sister: “Did I fail to mention that I have 6 kids which has made my beautiful mind bereft of memorizing skills? It’s hard enough to remember their names.” Astagfirullah! Seriously I love the class and I pray that Allah makes it easy for me. I will share some of the delicious (is that appropriate to say in regards to the qu’ran?) tafsir we have been covering. I just hate that my PC isn’t arabic enabled so that I can quote the ayaat properly. I’ll work it out somehow.

What else is going on with me? Not much. Studying, working (got a little jobby-job 🙂 and trying not to sell me kids to the circus.

more soon, insha’allah.



  1. Umm Yusuf says:

    mashaAllah the class sounds good, and kudos to you for being able to attend it with 6 kids mashaAllah. May Allah make it easy upon you ameen

  2. hal says:

    assalam alykum. ran into ur blog and really,your write -up are insightful mashaAllah. it seems you’ve stopped writing though….

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