Will The Real Muslims Please Stand Up!!!!

Posted: May 24, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I am finding it extremely difficult to find any authentic islamic presence on the internet. I mean, is it just me or is everybody either neo-salafi or progressive sufi?  I have conducted several web searches for forums, chats, websites and other media and it always comes up one or the other… with no in between. Oh yeah, I forgot, I do see the neo-salafi detractors here and there, but they appear to be mere “devils advocates” in the game, you know, to play up the “distrust in anything islamic” factor. I find alot of elements on other blogs disturbing to say the least….

  1. Promoting “cum-ba-ya” Sufism.
  2. Promoting “man bashing/hijab liberating” feminism.
  3. Promoting fear of the word “Jihad”.
  4. Promoting modernism and the ideologies of non-muslim or barely muslim “thinkers”.
  5. Promoting political views and voting.
  6. Promoting images of dysfunctional family life, abuse and rascism.
  7. Promoting rascism and disparagement between cultures.
  8. Promoting music and intermigling between the sexes.
  9. Promoting the idea that everything is haram.
  10. Promoting the idea that muslims are too ignorant to understand Allah’s religion on their own.
  11. Promoting “scholar” worship which is sounding like some form of shirk.

And other crap that I don’t have time to type. So where are the real muslims that are not afraid to promote what Islam really is… If any of you have links to any “real” islamic sites that do not fall under any of the above catogories, let me know… in the meantime… still searching.


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