The End of a Beautiful Friendship…

Posted: May 18, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Friendships are fragile. Although you would like them to last forever, sometimes they just don’t. My mother used to say “You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.” Well I understand that even more today.

  1. Friendship has to be mutual or it’s just not true.
  2. If two people are friends they should mutually enjoy each others company, it shouldn’t be that one wants to spend time while the other pushes away.
  3. Friends should support one another in times of need, even if it’s just with a kind word and good, heartfelt advice.
  4. Can Muslims really be friends… I mean aren’t we Sisters it’s supposed to mean much more than friendship.
  5. Screening calls, casting ugly looks and rolling eyes is not a display of true friendship, no matter how many years the torture friendship has lasted. It just means that it took one victim friend longer to wake up to the reality than the other.

Excuse me if I choose better treatment for myself.

And just because I now screen out your calls or subconsciously roll my eyes from time to time, it doesn’t mean that I am being just as bad as you, it just signifies that the charade friendship is finally over.

  1. Kiki says:

    We are on the same wavelength on this one. Friendship has to be mutual or it’s just not true… for sure!

    I was just griping to my umi this morning that many of my friendships seem one-sided and draining, and I want to start “cutting people” off and remaining friends only with my true blues… you know, the ones who call regularly – not when they need something from you. And the ones who show concern for your wellbeing and are there for you when you need them, not the ones who are unavailable and never lend a helping hand. Not to sound bitter, because I’m not – just tired of not hearing a peep out of them until they need a sitter, or money, or a shoulder to cry on. Where’s the reciprocation!

  2. it’s really a sad situation in our ummah. if we can’t maintain friendships when will we ever have sisterhood!? i am so feeling you on weeding out the drainers from the true blues. you want good for people and you do what you do fisabilillah, but without reciprocation, what you are able or willing to put out diminishes.

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