Flying Ninja Squad…

Posted: May 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

New X-Men Character... Dust!

We went running in the park today. My husband hasthe bright idea that we can all get into shape together by running around the track every other day at the park. What a sight we must have been. TQ and I both wear black and niqab. Bug wears hijab and abayah, also. We weren’t embarrassed at all doing 4 laps around the track alternating between walking and running, but I am sure we resembled a pack of ninjas doing training exercises. The samauri ran more than any of us. He flew around the track like a a marathon runner. Zen Boy mostly sat on the benches suckinghis thumb, running one lap and sitting out the next. Bug, carrying everybody’s belongings to include her favorite handbag dangling from her femininly bent wrist (there was a snack in the bag … you can’t leave that on a bench) looked so adorable trying to run behind everybody else. She soon stopped, looked at me with hand on hip and said “I am NEVER coming to this park again!” After I explained to her that she was not the gate keeper of everybody stuff and that it would all be okay left on the bench, she happily ran her first lap (still holding her purse of course).  TQ tried to race and beat everyone (she’s so competitive) and I snuck off to the bench area every chance I got.

I don’t think I am humongous although after 6 c-sections in 14 years, I do have some toning up I could do. And as much as my husband talks about fitness, I always gain about 10 pounds when he’s home. He love rich well spiced foods. He loves to eat take out and I become his partner in crime. When he is gone, I can eat more sensibly, but the fluctuation doesn’t help my figure at all.  I am mostly concerned about my stomach. I always look like I am about 5 months pregnant, no matter how much I lose. I am not much for goal setting or dietingor exercising really, so I guess you can say I’m just talking about it at this time. Maybe if we’re consistent with thisrunning thing, I just may finally see some results…..


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