Head Crack, Head Crack!

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Everyone knows I want to go back over seas. It’s not a secret. I am very open about it. I am ready to go. I have begged, cried and pleaded with my hubby to send me away make preparations so that we can move, but his reply is “I have to do what’s best for my family. I am not going to be rushed just because you are having a tantrum about it.” My friends tell me to stop talking about it and just have patience but it is causing alot of tension in my crib. Every conversation leads to hijrah!

“Wow can you believe that gas prices are going up?…… If we made hijrah we wouldn’t have to worry about high gas prices, because we wouldn’t have to drive everywhere!”

“Do you know it took me two weeks to get one of the kids in with the dentist?…… If we were overseas one of those bad little arab kids would have knocked that achy tooth right out by now.”

Uncomfortable silence……..  “So, when are we leaving, already?

I am getting so sick of talking about it, getting upset about it, piting hope against hope and realising that….

I’m still here…

My friend said I’m a Crackhead about it. I keep saying I will stop but I can’t leave it alone…

  1. Safiyyah says:

    Salaams Sis:

    You friends seem to be correct in that you should be patient. Your husband knows you want to go; make dua that Allah (swt) will soften his heart in this issue 🙂

    What country is it that you miss so much and have written so beautifully about?

  2. KiKi says:

    “I have to do what’s best for my family. I am not going to be rushed just because you are having a tantrum about it.” Words to live by, at least for me right now.

    Inshallah Allah will make things easier for you here. It sounds like you have been patient for a while, perhaps your patience will be rewarded. It also sounds like you and hubby both want the same thing (hijrah) and he at least is going to make an attempt to do it as soon as it’s best. I’ll keep you in my dua.

  3. May Allah increase me in patience. That was the point of both posts my hope and desire to leave is wreaking havoc on his and my sanity. It’s hard know when to keep pushing the envelope and when to just step off for the good of all of us. I have finally told myself that if it is for me, noone can keep me from achieving my goals. It’s a hard pill to swallow, though. It’s really difficult to do when what you want is something that is good and beneficial. It’s hard to understand why we can’t just jump in with both feet and sacrifice to get it done. (swallowing hard again) It’s a battle I fight everyday. Patience….

  4. You know Sis…there was a time when I felt just like you do now. And while I didnt have a husband to consult, there were many obstacles in my way. But Allah knew why I wanted to leave so badly. First reason…it was purely hijrah for His sake. I came back from my last trip in December, 2006. I had planned with my “family” there to be back as soon as possible. I thought maximum it would take a few months. And then lots of things happened to stall me. So it ended up taking me 17 long and sorry to say mostly miserable months to finally be able to say…insha Allah I am leaving soon. But in retrospect, I see the reasons now why it had to happen in Allah’s time and not mine. And those reasons are blessings beyond compare. So many things I wouldnt be looking forward to now if it all hadnt happened as Allah planned it. Just keep making du’ah and praying the Guidance prayer about it as well. Insha Allah ya Raab, it will happen for you. You have a pure heart and noble intentions. Insha Allah, it will happen. I keep you in my du’ahs!

  5. Umasiya says:

    Assalamu alaikum,Sister i am glad i found your blog, i see some of myself in you.Alhumdulilah!!!! Well my sabr has paid off,my Husband,myself and my two little girls will soon make our hijrah to Algeria.InshaAllah.I have lived in Egypt before i was married. I LOVED IT!!!!! I was living there when i got married.My husband was living here and in the states and is also Algerian .My hijrah ended there. SubhanAllah. Allah [swt] knows best.All those years i was in Egypt and i Got an Algerian husband.Alhumdulilah ! I have been back in America for 9 years with short stays in Morocco and Algeria . I think as American reverts some us want to live in a place where it i more favorable to our deen. I will make dua that your sabr will be rewarded too.InshaAllah . Keep blogging sister!!! Unasiya

  6. tabarakallah says:

    Sorry Saf…It’s a secret for now… but it culd be any muslim country…

    saudi arabia

    I have heard the same sentiments expressed from all these places… can’t wait to return….

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