I Will Remember…

Posted: April 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

As I traveled down the dusty road, away from all that I loved and everything I had worked so hard to achieve, I looked at the scenic view, willing each aspect of it to engrave itself in my brain. 

The blue of the sea, with it’s tiara of white, frothy waves. The sparkling, neverending color of sun upon desert sand. The stark, formidable mountains that rose up next to the road with words of Allah’s rememberance written upon their sides in white stones. I tried to inhale every scent of the air and of the ragged taxi that emotionlessly carried me away. I tried not to look back. But every minute carried me further and further away.

If I never return, I will always remember the mysterious women in black who walked the streets everyday, tending to their families, their goats and their responsibilities to God. The sounds of the athan calling incessantly throughout the day, ardent worshippers to prayer.

I will remember my neighbors and how they spoke to me pleasantly with tongues I could not understand but with hearts that I knew were filled with love and charity. I will remember feeling for the first time as if I was home and I will remember and thank Allah for allowing me the experience of it all…..


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