What A Little Love Can Do…

Posted: April 3, 2008 in Uncategorized
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You ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong? Noone listens, completes homework assignments on time, does their chores, picks up the mess they made or allowed their other, younger, less responsible siblings to make. Dirty footprints on the carpet that you stayed up until 3am to clean. The male cat that you wish you never gave a home has sprayed your closet. Crazy Cat lady (who will be blessed with her own post very, very soon) who gave you the beast is stalking you. Late for class, almost had an accident cuz your brakes are doing their own thing, drank too much coffee to bear it all kin of days.

I screamed myself into a massive migraine headache. I thought my brain had liquefied and was trying to seep through my hair follicles.

Hubby: Come here, sweetheart.

Me: No, I am so sick of your kids not listening to me. I have a headache! Leave me alone!

Hubby: Just come here for one second.

Me (walking petulantly away ): No! I do not feel like being babied right now.

Hubby takes my hand and pulls me gently into his arms (as I try to pull away, sort of) and kisses me. Not once. Not twice. But a million sweet kisses all over my face. He kisses my eyes, my lips, me forehead. Miraculously, I can feel the headache beginning to lift.

Me: Hey, I think my headache is gone.

Hubby: Good, because I was making du’a for you while I was doing that.

Allah bless him with Jannatu Firdaus (the highest level of Paradise) for his love and kindness….. ameen. 

  1. TheAngryMuslimah says:

    You are truly blessed….love is wonderful ey? lol 🙂 you marraige is wonderful…MashaAllah

  2. KiKi says:

    Mashallah, mashallah, mashallah. My heart is smiling.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww–masha Allah–what a sweet–and glad it made YOU feel better! And I LOVE ur new home here–lovelyyyyyyyyyyy! Mabrook!

  4. tabarakallah says:

    Jazakallahu Khairan, yeah Queen, I think it’s starting to grow on me, too!

    KiKi and Angry, trust me he has moments that are not so sweet! But, the moments like these are what make the others more than tolerable.

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