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Posted: March 28, 2008 in Uncategorized
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How many people do you know that had six c-sections? We’ll your meeting one right now. No I am not on crack, no my mother did not drop me on my head when I was a baby and no, I was not forced to do it by my oppressive, abusive overly religious Muslim husband. I just love kids and was trying to do my part for the ummah of Muhammad and if I still had fallopian tubes (and weren’t afraid to be crippled or some other horrible thing) I would probably have more.
So of course six c-sections means six kids (I’ll get to hubby later). Out of propriety and anonymity, I will give them all nicknames (which I hope I remember for future posts).
  • Teen Queen:  She’s 14 going on 15 and thinks she’s my mother. I can’t believe the rolls are reversing so soon. She loves all things pink, wants to get married ASAP, and is a bookie monster (imagine cookie monster, only with books). She (mash’allah) wears hijab and niqab, memorizes qur’an and hadith like some sort of sponge and gives dawah to our family members. She enjoys beating up my husband, anything that entails speed and eating things very, very, very slowly. Although she has a hecka memory for the deen, she forgets most other things I tell her (could be the age though).
  • Dude:  My oldest son at 12, he is mister responsible. He is very controlling and particular about everything. His food has to always be prepared the same way, he has to divide everything up between his siblings evenly and he hates to try anything new. He too is blessed with an amazing memory (masha’allah) and has a passion for books. He is not into anything that appears dangerous (which appears to be most things) and is content to lay on a hill under a tree and read for hours. He loves animals, especially the ferocious beastly ones. He recently told me that he wanted to have a mongoose and a boa constrictor so he could put them both in a cage to see what happens.
  • Professor X:  This is the third oldest (could you guess I’m making this list by birth order?) son. He’s almost ten but is the same size (debatable, looks bigger to me) as the older one so they look kinda like twins. His passion is taking things apart to see how it works. He is fascinated by all things mechanical and avoids books like the plague. He is so perceptive until I can glance at him and he will instantly say “I love you too, Ummie). Gotta love the guy. He keeps trying to get a job. Seriously, a real job. When we lived abroad he came home one day and said “I got a job today, Ummie.” I was not surprised to find that everyday, he would stop after school and help some brothers who were building a house. He would happily carry bricks and hold tools and whatever else the asked him to do (for free). He is a doppelganger for my husband, which is scary.
The last three kids I call the little ones, and I will have to get to them in another post.
  1. TheAngryMuslimah says:


    Welcome to wordpress……On another note my sister…..I am a big fan of any woman who has that many kids.. I dream to be you one day soon…

  2. May Allah bless you with many wonderful, beautiful and pious children… ameen. Mine drive me crazy and keep me on my toes, but I wouldn’t trade them in for anthing…. might sell a couple of them to the circus though, but never a FREE trade. lololololol

  3. […] are excited. They love the sister and have been raised to have positive feelings about polygyny. Professor X rubbed his hands together fiendishly and said (mind you is is 10): “Now Abi has two houses […]

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