The Odd Couple…

Posted: March 25, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I really want to help my husband find another wife. I know that sounds crazy. But I’m serious. And before everyone jumps all over me, let me explain why. My HB is a great guy. Strong yet sensitive. Attentive and intelligent. Allah really blessed us to have a wonderful marriage, beautiful kids and many, many historical (and most of the time hysterical) experiences together. I don’t doubt that he loves me and the kids (we have 6). He loves and fears Allah and provides for us nicely. But he wants another wife. Always has.

So I approached a few sisters. Ones that I thought were strong in their Islam. Sisters that I felt were suited to our family, who would want to remain sisters after the marriage and could see us all as one big happy family.

It hasn’t worked out yet.

There was some jealousy there during the sit downs. But he would always do something nice for me like take me to my favorite restaurant (without the kids which was a treat)and by me a gift and we would talk about how it went over coffee and dessert. He says he doesn’t want to do it if it isn’t right for us both and he doesn’t want to remarry only to be divorced again shortly after due to drama. And he says he definitely doesn’t want to lose me in the process. The objective is to add on to our tribe, not destroy what we’ve worked so hard to build. And I agree.

But it hasn’t happened yet. Part of me is kinda glad and another part can’t wait for it to be done and over with… and I’m not asking anyone anymore, just waiting to see what happens next.

  1. Raazia Sabera says:

    you have written down my feelings..only that my husband wants another wife but he’s scared he wont be able to keep me happy because i’m too demanding…a part of me really wants to prove to him that i will make him happy… and i would stop being so demanding.i only have one daughter…..but lets see what happens

  2. tabarakallah says:

    You and your family are in my prayers. I’m finding that there isn’t many sisters that are willing to welcome single sisters into their families. As I told one sister, everything is a test. It may be that Allah tests you with losing this husband that you feel you own and then puts you in the position of possibly being sombody’s co-wife. Men are the maintainers of the WOMEN, that means making sure that all of our sisters are taken care of. It is hard for muslim women in this world alone.

  3. Nisa says:

    Salaam dear sis

    I came across your blog today and was in tears reading some of the things you had to say…please could you email me so I can speak to you about some things privately inshaAllah?

    JazakAllah khair

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