Say My Name…

Posted: March 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Notice to inlaws, school officials, doctors, nurses and every person that was not previously mentioned but falls under this particular category. If you can successfully pronounce:
  • Jagermiester
  • Schlitz
  • Courvoisier
  • Alize

Or words like…

  • acute peritonsillar abruptio placentae
  • phyenylketonuria
  • Schizophreniform Histrionic Cyclothemic Disorder


  • Lamborghini Marcielago
  • Peugeot Coupe Cabriolet

Then you CAN pronounce my children’s names…. you know you can!!!

  1. Muhammad says:

    Rotflmao!!! LOL Alhamdulillah that was so funny. I can’t stand it but it is so true. I couldn’t stop laughing when I slowly scrolled down wondering where you were going with this. Very well done thanks for the laugh.

  2. Queen O'Danile says:

    That is funnnnny. But in all fairness, before I became Muslim, I would have had a real hard time wrapping my tongue around this langugae. BUT, I sure would have made an effort. I was always so interested in anything I saw as different–anything different was automatically exotic to me and warranted my complete attention–hehe.

    Thanks for visiting me and I am linking to you btw. And I responded to your comment on my blog!

  3. KiKi says:

    That really cracked me up! Growing up my family used to always have this same thought.

    I also used to feel sorry for my friend “Salahuddin.” His name got “tore up” regularly.

  4. Khair Insha'allah! says:

    whats worse is that with the exception of one child, all of my children have one and two syllabul names and people still jam them up. I’m starting to think they do it on purpose…

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