Can You Sell Your Kids To The Circus?

Posted: March 15, 2008 in Uncategorized
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You know, I always thought that as my children got older, my job would become easier and easier. What a joke! Older kids are messier, sassier and du-uhm…more mentally challenged (wink, wink) than younger kids. Just the other day my teenage daughter was ironing our niqabs, in a hurry to go shopping with her father. The Teen Queen as she will be referred to heretofore in this alleged incident (and other areas of my blog) finishes mine and places it over the back of a chair. As I am tying the thing on, I am greeted by a strange smell.

My fellow niqabis know what I’m talking about. How many times have you put on your niqab and smelled the smell. Kinda reminiscent of cat breath.

Me: “Ew, what is that smell?”

TTQ: “What smell?

Me: “I don’t know. (sniff, sniff) Some weird smell. Smells like cat breath.”

As I turn for the febreeze (that I make myself with fabric softener and water. Try it girls you’ll like it) I hear a bloodcurdling scream followed by peals of unrestrained laughter.

You can only guess what she does if you live with a being of the “teen” persuasion. Yes, she smelled the hot, steaming iron.

I mean she was cracking up. My husband looks around in a panic asking what happened. All I could do was stand there looking at her in incredulity (yes I can still use big words after 6 kids and 6 c-sections…. that’s another post though). I guess she thought that since she had just ironed the niqab, maybe the suspect smell came from the iron. Shes lucky she didnt burn her nose off.

I only regret that I didn’t catch it on camera and publish it on

  1. CherryChic93 says:

    Nice one ummie!

  2. KiKi says:

    SIX KIDS? Wait, no SIX C-SECTIONS???
    Hats off to you on both accounts. (I mean, hijab off to you, lol)

  3. Khair Insha'allah! says:

    Yeah somebody must have told me there was a prize if you do it enough times…. they lied!

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